a piece for and with piano

Fledging means
leaving the old familiar
and to dare something new.

How does it feel to leave your own nest? To go your own way? To show yourself to others? To wish for something and be afraid of it at the same time?

Cautiously, curiously and playfully, the performer approaches her piano and the audience. A hiding place, a child, a cave, a dance partner, a grand piano, a woman. Shapes and images emerge and transform continuously.
Piano music, language, dance and movement theatre merge into a very personal piece about authenticity, the courage to show oneself and the longing for connectetness.


Concept, composition, piano, performance: Oona Minoo

BEING & BECOMING/dance performance

“You say you gonna change this world, but this world changes you.

When did it all start? With the egg from which you emerged?

Have you really ever been a blank slate?”

Lyrics from the music to Being & Becoming

The human body in fusion, connection, and distinction to his environment. A moving journey through different stages of being and becoming. A continuous metamorphosis.


Choreography, dance: Oona Minoo

Music: Maria Solberger

Costume: Claire Chatel

Photos: Hanne Pilgrim

TRACKS/dance video & photo serie

Tracks we carry. Tracks we follow. Tracks we leave behind.

No past without future. No future without past.

Engraved and interwoven. 

No ending. No beginning. An infinite thread.

TextilTanz 2020

Dance improvisation: Oona Minoo

Costume: Claire Chatel

Photos: Linnéa Jänen

Video coming soon!

LAST HUMAN SOLO/dance video & photo serie

Originally a part of the dance performance “Being & Becoming”, “Last Human Solo” became its own independent format, shifting the stage into an open air scenery with another original costume. 


Metamorphosis can be slowly. But also, sudden and explosive. 

TextilTanz 2020

Dance: Oona Minoo

Music: Maria Solberger

Costume: Claire Chatel

Photos: Linnéa Jänen


LAYER BY LAYER/ artistic research project

Skin as a border between the inner and the outer world.

The most intimate human cover. As the outermost envelope. The closest contact point to our surroundings.

Skin covers the many layers of the body,

interwowen and engraved with memories and stories.

This project started with an intensive movement research about the sensation, influence, and relationship between different anatomical “layers” of the body (skin, muscles, fascia, bones etc.) and movement. During our following residencies at CLOUD/danslab and Espace des possibles, Claire Chatel (costume, stage design) and I, experimented with sound and textile materials, connecting other kinds of layers to the developed movement material. In the last research periode, the interaction between body, movement and material was the focus of our research and was formed into choreographic scenes, which were presented at CLOUD/danslab.

The rich artistic material that came out of this research project also inspired us to develop the following performances: Being & Becoming, Last Human Solo and Tracks as well as my composition Sous ma peau.

TextilTanz 2019-2020

Movement research, choreography, dance: Oona Minoo

Textile research, costume, stage design: Claire Chatel

Residencies at: CLOUD/danslab,

The Hague, Espace des possibles, Rouan

Photos: Ralph Luzon, Textiltanz

WINDSTEIN/movement research & documentation video

How can textile material and movement influence each other? What kind of movement possibilities does a certain material have to offer? How does movement change the shape and meaning of a textile object? What new pictures and stories can arise during the interaction between movement and material?

TextilTanz 2018

Movement research, Performance: Oona Minoo

Textile design & video: Claire Chatel

Music: Oona Minoo

Photos: Linnéa Jänen

About TextilTanz: Claire Chatel (designer, textile artist) and Oona Minoo (dancer, choreographer) cofounded this collective in 2018 to research about the connection and possibilities of movement and textile art. Their projects often have video formats as well as stage performances and photo series in cooperation with Linnéa Jänen.

P.O.M./music video


Music, choreography: Oona Minoo

Dance: Carla Schuler, Oona Minoo

Video: Alina Huber

Photos: Oona Minoo